About Us

What We Do

We believe that each student has been perfectly created by God with a unique set of talents and should have the opportunity to train to the highest standard possible. To this end we offer instruction in multiple dance styles from qualified teachers in proper technique, strength training, flexibility, musicality, choreography principles and skills that coordinate with our renowned syllabus structure, and we maintain high standards in music, costumes, and style, teaching students to proclaim God's truth through dance. 

We asked ourselves the question "What makes a studio a Christian studio?" It isn't the barres, wooden floors, or mirrors. It's the teachers. It's the life stories they bring and the love of Christ they desire to share with their students. Our teachers are passionate about loving the Lord, loving their students, and using their gift of dance to train the next generation to do the same.

What You'll Get

Not only will you receive excellence in dance training here, but you'll also learn about the God who loves you through prayer and short devotionals to start or end class times. You will be a taught by teachers who are also godly role models . You will be pushed to reach the potential your teacher see in you. We believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Here, you will gain confidence and develop skills such as hard work, commitment, patience, inner strength and character. You will also learn how to hang on to your values, and how to overcome challenges. These are skills that are transferrable into any career that God will call you to do later in life. Many of our Arise graduates have gone on to dance with professional Christian ballet companies, post-secondary dance and music programs, Bible College, and mission work.

Lastly, at Arise, you'll gain a lifelong family.